6. July 2011

I hate to have to break it to you, but PPG is down! Sorry Fellas!





19. May 2010

It has been a long ride...but we'll get back to you!

Just hang on a lil' longer...



24. June 2007


31. May 2007

Don't forgett about the contest! We are going to play on friday...further information: Gigs.

27. Apr 2007

No party on 28th, but we are going to frazzle on May 11th at "Bernhardinum on Stage" and on May 12th at "Notausgang" in Rüdersdorf. More gigs to be discovered and added to Gigs.

23. Apr 2007

It seems that we are going to play some gigs during the next weeks. "Bernhardinum on Stage" will be the latest playground. Maybe one gig starts on April 28th. Also planned, "Rock für den Wald"...dates will be updated.

16. Apr 2007

PPG went to Ghostnote Soundstudio to make the first official EP Record. Soon some gigs are planned, yet the May 12th has been cancelled...dates to follow.

11. Mar 2007

Maybe we are going to play another little concert in "CiP" with three other bands on May 12th. Further information to follow.

21. Jan 2007

Yesterday was our first gig. We joined the "Newcomer Band-Contest" in Fürstenwalde. We did not expect anything, but nevertheless we won.


Thanks to the great audience.

19. Nov 2006 We spent an entire weekend only to present our first three songs to you. Some of them aren't accomplished yet, but we're still workin'..
13. Oct 2006

We've found a drummer...Yeah! Philipp, also known as Phil is playing the drums in Sawght, too.

20. Sep 2006 The rehearsals have begun. Actually we're workin' on 3 new song you can listen to soon.


30. Aug 2006

After we prepared our new room with a lot of EggPacks we planned starting rehearsals next week. By the way N.L. (Oscar) left the BlackBox and the project is controled now by GabberFüwa.

See you @ Rock am Ring!!!



27. Aug. 2006

This Site is online!

Hello and welcome to our new website. I hope our music will frazzle your ears soon. This is the beginning of a new era in metal music.


Yours faithfully - Pablo Escobar