Short introduction


Peanut Plan gallery - four musicans, that put up their own mission to create an own genre, which includes several influences combined with their own kind of music. Based on everyone's skilles gathered in former bands, it was quite simple to find an "own" style and put something in, that is often missing in commercial music-business

- "experimentalism"


History of foundation


It's almost a year ago, when Pablo and WIS planned to found a metal band. Both were full of beans and inspirations, but one problem was followed by another. First they needed to find a guy that is able to play a flawless-metal-guitar. OK, man found. Next: Rehearsal room. Half a year Pablo, WIS and Vince were looking for a suitable room somewhere...anywhere...everywhere. Then Pablo met Oscar at a birthday party and he was telling him something about a room, engaged by him and his buddy GabberFüwa. Immediately Pablo asked Oscar for the phone number of the owner. Lil' bit later Peanut Plan Gallery and the Blues Project began to prepare the room next to the Studio BlackBox, a Hardcore-Project founded by GabberFüwa.


Unfortunately WIS had to quit as the bassist for personal reasons. But we picked up Flo as the new guy and he comes with a handful of five stringed thunder machine.


Gallery Guards


Vince - Guitar

David - Bass

Pablo - Vocals, Guitar

Phil - Drums